1. Palais Ideal (The Ideal Palace) created by the most instinctual and inspired of all architects; actually a postman Facteur Cheval.


  2. The lady of the hour. Every time I see her, for some reason, I think of Charlie Chaplin. 


  3. What the hell is going on here? Tourists want a pose with a naked bird painted in stars and stripes. — Times Square, New Vague City.


  4. Yes, it’s hard not to reminisce about Mamma Roma. Caffé is ok but their tiramisu would earn them an earnest slap from any pastry chef in Italia. — Little Italy, NYC.


  5. Long day’s end in Long Island City. Meeting with Blenkinsopp at the Analogue lab, played him the material from LA recording sessions and checked out the little new processing unit he is creating.


  6. New York feels blue. Well, black and blue. Will she ever recover from the  economically sustained black hole of dull fuckers who people the city? The epoch of the artist slash producer slash actor slash designer is over. Now, everyone is a start up entrepreneur. — New Vague City.


  7. Hiro of Salon 77, the magic man who has always taken my mop head and turned it into something presentable — Brooklyn.


  8. Back with a bang. Someplace for something wild. Soon.— 42nd St. NYC


  9. Before heading to New Vague City — Los Angeles.


  10. 9 — Los Angeles.


  11. I turned into a bloody sphinx in LA.

  12. My scenography department works all the time on foot. Location hunting for my feature film-to-be in LA and Roma. — Hollywood, Los Angeles. 


  13. Classic. It is truly inspiring to be able to breathe the air of film noir in broad daylight.


  14. Summer has come to fruition. Acorns adorn the light.


  15. Surprised to see that the wankers’ squad is still here, a shopping mall should have replaced it by now or a bank. Are things running a bit on the slack side in America? — Hollywood.