1. Autopilot engaged. 9 in flight. “This bout I am in…” making UNTOUCHED BLISS and producing the most comprehensive and exquisite show I have ever managed to device a way to bring everything I do into the context of a live experience. Simply called Poet of Sound and Image. Ideas flowing to  to the great bulb in the sky. — Los Angeles.

  2. Embracing the Mediterranean in North America. — Malibu Lagoon Park


  3. The Bastards’ Squad — Malibu


  4. Hues of Sandlight — Malibu. 

  5. The only form of tourism I engage in. Locations! Lynch time. —  Mulholland Drive, L.A.


  6. One day, facebook, twitter and even your countries will cease to exist, but my words and my voice will be cemented in the glory of what abides.. whether you like it or not… This arrogance is the mirror image of your disposable culture, I, the Poet, am flying as a comet into the eye of our world conjured up by microscopic illusions. I will shatter every autistic reflexivity as long as this breath could sound.

    9/12/14 — 2:50pm


  7. When will the entertainment industry lose its grip on the masses?

    When this reaction becomes ubiquitous?

    9/8/14 — 10:50pm

  8. Ratatataaaaaam… and I’ve had a breakthrough. A computer glitch while working on my next single led me to completely reinvent the concept  of how I should be presenting myself and my images, sounds and words live. I had come to Los Angeles with that very intention and surely enough it just happened. A faithful evening, I don’t remember synthesising this many ideas in a single night, I could clearly see my entire creative life from another dimension, the one of the 9, identifying each thread in my work, uniting them in a singular all encompassing language, my very own cinematic language inside and outside the composition (screen, song, text). It is clear to me I have come up with the method for expanding metaphysics. Years of dialogue and brainstorming with my mentor Blenkinsopp has finally paid off. These pictures show you where this immaculate conception actually took place.. in this light, with this view.. I am most obliged to thank my mate - whose name is an inversion of mine - for triggering it. — Pasadena, California.


  9. Kate Bush live in London Palladium, 1979. Damn me for not being born, then. 


  10. "We have found 2 minutes of unseen footage, Sir."
    "Go and bang up a new documentary on the sod."
    BBC documentary on Bowie, Five Years, poor, very poor. 


  11. Spending timewith Jef is a treat always full of laughter, it’s been a short while since Zebulon. With his next venture, he is here to give Los Angeles somewhere to go. — Pasadena, California.


  12. Tight manoeuvres in a cradle. Is life a choice on the checkered attire of a sprawling dervish? Isn’t life savage in a sanctimonious talk from your own pretty glasshouse? I have a lot to do to shatter my own demons. I am a future boy, too. People will find what I am unearthing from the depths of mystique timeless travellers. A poet like no other… 9 inside a cocoon, inside a photon sea. Where and when fused to form me. Los Angeles is a desert. And I will rip its cage open. The word will touch many with a grace closed to them than their loving mother. Singularity of this mission is universal. Amen.


  13. I once was nearly in love with a girl who never suspected it, she took pictures of me… at this very park. As it happens. — Maryon Park, London.


  14. Architect Richard Neutra at his creation: the VDL House, photographed in 1966 by Julius Shulman. — Los Angeles.

  15. Moonlight sonata No. 9, This particular moon fest at the house of aquarius left me feeling like a slice of swiss cheese. Mojo recovery underway. — Pasadena.