1. Image, sound and words… The apex is the timeless, inexhaustible record of human intelligence in the works of versatile masters. The only distraction to  could be a fanny.. on occasion.


  2. Happy to announce that from now on my entire catalogue will be handled by these new crusaders:

    Independent recording and archival organisation for exceptional art in music that must be preserved, distributed and remembered.


  3. My favourite pasticceria where my writing seems to flow into an automatism akin to my old office by the waterfront in Williamsburg. — Dagnino, Roma.


  4. Here I truly am a local. History is the agent that helps me fathom myself, entangled with me the entire human race. — Forum Romanum.


  5. If gravity really exists, it is because I keep coming back here thanks to citta nella citta. — EUR, Roma. 


  6. Atmosphere — Roma.


  7. A masterpiece in the only gothic church of Roma. Gesu by Michelangelo. He really had the same exquisite command over marble as the ancient masters. There is the same sort of mystery in the finish, on the surface curves, how light caresses the form, the staggering amount of detail. It’s like a concerto, every inch of his work is just sublime. Fuck you contemporary art, digital life, computers and all things that bore me stiff with its unbearable vacuity, I refuse to live in a continuous demo mode for ever-so-boring technology.


  8. Outside. ‘Only an artist is true to his nature’. — 9. Vincent's spring for the Northern hemisphere.

  9. This place is packed with goods: Bernini, Michelangelo, Lippi… Minerva and Maria in one place, harking back to Ephesus.— Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Roma.


  10. Painting ends where space reigns… 

  11. Black and white treatments in Solaris. The last one is a colour treatment bonus, somewhere in between what I call as the black blue ink look with faded colours. Just beauty really. Has too much ambiance that makes me wanna start shooting immediately. But, I have to finish the screenplay first… — Tarkovsky world.

  12. Wide awake somnambulism. — Roma. 


  13. "I lost my marbles, maybe, to a Greta Garbo smile" Cast a Pall of Win.  — Mamma Roma. 


  14. Where I sneak into recharge myself. — Palazzo Barberini 

  15. Who is the architect here? Michelangelo. Working for the man.. The famous meridian marker by Bianchini is also here, making it a cosmic clock. Fellini’s funeral was also held here. — Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri, Roma.