1. Kate Bush live in London Palladium, 1979. Damn me for not being born, then. 


  2. "We have found 2 minutes of unseen footage, Sir."
    "Go and bang up a new documentary on the sod."
    BBC documentary on Bowie, Five Years, poor, very poor. 


  3. Spending timewith Jef is a treat always full of laughter, it’s been a short while since Zebulon. With his next venture, he is here to give Los Angeles somewhere to go. — Pasadena, California.


  4. Tight manoeuvres in a cradle. Is life a choice on the checkered attire of a sprawling dervish? Isn’t life savage in a sanctimonious talk from your own pretty glasshouse? I have a lot to do to shatter my own demons. I am a future boy, too. People will find what I am unearthing from the depths of mystique timeless travellers. A poet like no other… 9 inside a cocoon, inside a photon sea. Where and when fused to form me. Los Angeles is a desert. And I will rip its cage open. The word will touch many with a grace closed to them than their loving mother. Singularity of this mission is universal. Amen.


  5. I once was nearly in love with a girl who never suspected it, she took pictures of me… at this very park. As it happens. — Maryon Park, London.


  6. Architect Richard Neutra at his creation: the VDL House, photographed in 1966 by Julius Shulman. — Los Angeles.

  7. Moonlight sonata No. 9, This particular moon fest at the house of aquarius left me feeling like a slice of swiss cheese. Mojo recovery underway. — Pasadena.


  8. Hello, life away from New Vague City.  It just makes sense! — Los Angeles.


  9. What’s left of a seating at one of my fave restaurants: Kunjib, — Korean Town, New Vague City.

  10. Olek says ‘Believe’, yet it is hard to believe and easy to leave my old neighbourhood. — Williamsburg, New York City.


  11. Oh, such a night, the golden stream, few martinis, mini skirts, trampolines. No saucy suitors  but a murderess who escaped her infancy. — Brooklyn Bridge.


  12. Pathetic pants. Style my arse! — New Vague City. 


  13. Still my favourite place to stop by to take a quick slash. — The Empire States Building, New York City.

  14. Autonomous individuals, some right weirdos and friends in the thick of the night. — N.Y.C.


  15. 'We go against this grain and live for truth, the ugly truth' — New Vague City.