1. Class War Ahead — A slogan on Liberty Park (Zuccotti Park). As a foreigner, what I could observe about this phenomenon that it is about time Americans took control of their own fate. The illusion of freedom is rampant in this country. Control is tight around those necks. And this is how courageous people are unwittingly showing the American yearning for socialism. They say ‘we want democracy’, it really means ‘socialism’.

    In the meantime, are the pigs panicking? When the volcano erupts, the lava will eliminate the dirt. 

    Through this economic distress many people will unearth the century long dark operations of their government and the financial sector. Dark undulations of the evil entity that has upset the world for quite sometime. 

    The presidential twat who evades eye-contact and likes to speak over the crowds is an irrelevant, one day people must shift politicians, replace them with their smarter phones to self-govern.

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